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We founded TK Contractors Pte Ltd out of belief that great ideas requires great execution. Everyone has that friend(s) who had a bad experience with an ID/Main contractor, be it for a home project or a commercial renovation. While there are great IDs out there, why is the satisfaction rate for IDs not universally high? The root cause is often due to many IDs are long on good ideas but short on great execution.



Project Manager

Awlad joined TK Contractors since 2018 and has with him more than 14 years of renovation experience. He has shown strong commitment for improvement, as he went on and took up a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, attending night classes to achieve his goals. He had completed more than 100 projects. Awlad display profound renovation knowledge and was promoted to Project Manager in June 2022.



Project Manager

Shakil joined TK Contractors since 2019 and has with him more than 4 years of renovation experience. Work his way up through the ranks, starting off as our electrician. He has completed more than 50 projects. With Shakil’s customer service-oriented attitude, he was promoted to Project Manager in February 2022.

Great ideas and visions complemented with great execution.

Many IDs did not start from the basics – being great at laying out a concept and drawing mockups is not a guarantee for the perfect renovation. Great ideas and visions have to be complemented with great execution. If your ID has not personally done electrical wiring or tiling or plumbing or carpentry, chances are execution will be a hit or miss.

Our foundation is in electrical works. We are one of the most sought-after electricians in Singapore because we care about both the functionality and aesthetics. For example, a good electrician would simply lay out the wiring for you without any fuss, but a really thoughtful electrician will consider what kind of trunking to use (if any), what kind of switches goes best with the theme, and what kind of sockets will work to achieve that coordinated look you have in mind.

Our Story

We stumbled into interior design when doing electrical works. One of our first ID projects started as a purely electrical wiring project. The owner of the café ended up hiring us to do the entire design and execution after we gave some inputs on the design theme. You can check out our project portfolio:

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Our Expertise

Till today, we have gained vast experience and leveraged on our initial expertise and expanded into a full execution team consisting of our own tiler, electrician, painter etc. We focus on execution and try not to sub-contract out any work (a standard procedure in this industry), so as to keep the execution quality high. In the event that we have to sub-contract any work, we always keep a firm eye on the final output.

Through our journey, we figured that on most cases, customer dissatisfaction arises from miscommunication. This is where constant communication between our project coordination team and the customers can help. We pride ourselves on timely execution and high quality service. In today’s era, renovation is one of the few industries that still rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations. Hence we want you to walk away feeling great about your project.

Through our execution, design, and service standard, TK Contractors Pte Ltd ultimately aims to raise the level of professionalism in renovation works in Singapore.

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